This is going to be a quick post void of my usual pictures. It’s going to be quick because I’ve got lots of organizing to do in my apartment. It’s going to be picture free because I didn’t take very many pictures this weekend. (Oops! That one is my fault.)
Okay, let’s wrap it up and then I’m back to my spring cleaning and spring break!
Friday night, I headed downtown to visit my best guy pal W. We had a blast eating pizza and hanging out. He didn’t own a blender and needed it for something, so I volunteered to bring it. Well, I learned a valuable lesson – blenders are hard to pack!
Saturday was spent doing my first booth for Thirty One (which I completely forgot to take a picture of) and making new friends! There was another girl there selling Paparazzi Jewelry and we had a god time hanging out and chatting.  Saturday night was spent chatting online with other writers.
Sunday was spent starting in on my spring cleaning and hosting the blogger pajama party. Spring cleaning was quite successful and I’m very happy with my new jewelry display.
The Blogger PJ Party was also a huge success! Such a big success that we’ll be doing it again and this time I’ll be looking for co-hosts.  I do believe it’s going to become a monthly event, complete with variation in platforms. This being said, tell me in the comments what platform you’d like to see the next PJ party hosted on. (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc)
I’m linking up with Rachael and Lisa. Time to get back to spring cleaning!! My apartment is going to be sparkling clean by the time spring break is over. (Well, actually before then because I’ve got a trip later this week!)