It’s the end of the school year (our last day is June 2nd). Things are hectic. My to do list is a mile-long and can’t be tackled from home. It’s safe to say I’m slightly stressed. I say slightly because I’m pretty good at managing my stress. I’m going to give my top five things for minimizing stress.
1. Vent 
Tell someone about what’s bothering you. Don’t go on and on about it forever, but do confide in someone – or multiple someones if needed. I always feel less stressed when I’m able to talk something out.
2. Treat Yourself 
A treat here and there can help you relax. Treats come in many forms including favorite snacks and bubble baths.
3. Take Time for Yourself 
Take time away from your to do list! Spending all of your time focused on work doesn’t help you get away from it. Take a few minutes each day for yourself. My few minutes are usually in bed at night reading a book. Pick what works for you – time and activity wise.
4. Make a To Do List
I suppose I should have put this one first. I’ve always had the most success with making a to do list. It helps me get it all out of my head and down on paper. It also gives me the opportunity to cross things out as I complete them.
5. Make a Plan
I micromanage my to do list when I’m feeling especially stressed. I take each item and plan out when I’m going to accomplish it. Knowing that I have a plan helps ease the stress a little. (Of course, you then have to stick to your plan or you create new kinds of stress!)
A furry friend can also help ease the stress!