My mom has always been a huge influence on my life. She has given me a lot of advice along the way. A lot of that advice I have taken to heart and allowed it to shape my future. I thought I’d pass along some of this advice to you in honor of Mother’s Day. (Yes, I know Mother’s Day was yesterday but I felt this post was more appropriate for a Monday post. Besides, I enjoy celebrating my mom on more days than just Mother’s Day.)
1. Practice makes perfect.
 I heard this all the time growing up, especially while I was doing gymnastics. While I don’t believe that practice makes perfect (primarily because I don’t believe in perfect), I do believe that practice makes you a better person.
2. Education comes first.
I used to argue with my mom that education doesn’t come first. I felt (and still feel) that family comes first. (She would agree with me.) I do, however, feel that education should have an important place in your life.
3. Live on your own for a while.
This was one of the things that my mom always recommended. I took this one to heart and have lived by myself for the past three years. It has definitely made me more independent and able to entertain myself.
(I know – this one has nothing to do with living on my own.)
4. Follow your dreams.
The biggest thing I learned from my mom is to follow my dreams. I have worked hard all my life to make sure that I’m doing this one. My dreams may have changed along the way, but I’ve always set out to pursue my dreams. And my mom has always been there to support me.
Thank you mom for all of your great advice and for supporting me in making the right decisions for myself. I’m truly lucky to have a great mom in my life. I hope someday I’m as good of a mom as she’s been!