I’m excited to announce that I received the Liebster Award from Natalie at Natalie Patalie. I have enjoyed following her and getting to know. We met on an online blogging group. She’s from California where I’ll be moving to later this year! It’s exciting to be “meeting” people before I even make it out there!
Anyways, back to the award. First, I’ll share the rules (which I’m going to copy/paste so that I don’t miss any!)
– Nominee posts award on their blog. – Nominee links back to the nominatorโ€™s blog and of course thanks them.
– Nominee answers 11 questions nominator ask of them.
– Nominee then nominates 11 new bloggers they deem worthy with about 300 followers or less. Make sure to let them know.
– Nominee poses 11 questions for their nominees to answer.


Then I’ll post a picture.
Next, I’ll answer some questions.
1. How would you describe your blog in 3 words?
Passionate. Creative. Fun.
2. What’s the first thing you’d do if you won 1 million dollars?
Move to California. Okay, that seems like a cop-out answer right now, but it’s the truth. A million dollars would make my future move WAY easier!
3. What’s the best advice someone gave you?
Practice makes perfect. My mother used to tell me this as a child and I’ve always taken it to heart. You can’t get anywhere near perfect without practice. (Look for my Mother’s Day post for more details on things I learned from my mother.)
4. Describe what would happen on a perfect day for you (being realistic here!)
As long as it was spent with people I love, I don’t know that the particulars matter.
5. What’s something you’re really passionate about, other than blogging?
Work. Writing. Crafts. Family. Friends. My furbaby. Do I need to keep going? I have lots of passions. ๐Ÿ™‚
6. If you had a theme song for your life, what would it be?
“Daylight” by Maroon 5
These lyrics fit so perfectly:
Here I am waiting

I’ll have to leave soon

Why am I holding on?

We knew this day would come

We knew it all along

How did it come so fast?
7. Who in your life has personally influenced you the most?
Everyone I meet influences me in one way or another. I don’t know that I can pick just one person!
 8. Where would your super secret home base be located? (Top of a mountain? Bottom of the       ocean? Go Crazy!)
In the forests of the mountains!
9. No number nine so I’m going to create my own. What is your biggest fear?
Losing loved ones.
10. What stereotypically nasty food do you secretly (or not so secretly) love?
I’m a super picky eater. I’m not sure I have one of these! Does macaroni and cheese with ketchup count?
11. What’s your biggest talent?
Lots of different things! I have many interests!  I’ve always been complimented on my writing skills though.
Now, I’m going to ask questions.
1. Where does your blog name come from?
2. What is your favorite blog to follow?
3. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
4. What’s your favorite color?
5. Do you prefer a roller coaster or ferris wheel?
6. Where do you see yourself in five years?
7. What is one thing you want to do this year?
8. Where is the last place you travelled to?
9. What’s your favorite thing about summer?
10. How would you define your style profile?
11. What is your favorite board game?
Now, let’s recognize some bloggers. (I just picked some. I’m being non-conformist and not picking all 11.  I didn’t want to go hunting for blogs just for the purpose of this post. I picked blogs I actually read.)
What’s sad is I’m sure I missed a few of my favorite blogs since I have so many!  If you’re not on this list, link me to your blog in the comments and I’ll go check it out. Happy blogging1