That’s right y’all! This blog is officially one year old today. I wish I could have a cupcake to celebrate, but I’m (re)starting on healthy eating and exercising today. May became so hectic that I ended up having way too many “cheat” days because they were easier. June’s a new month and a less stressful month, so I’m hoping to make a positive lifestyle change!
Now that I’ve explained why we’re not having cake, let’s take a look back.
The blog was originally called Stolen Moments and featured this header. I still love the scrabble tile look, but I’m no doubt in love with the current name and banner of my blog. 
Throughout this week, you are going to be seeing many changes coming to the blog as I celebrate one year of blogging! Here’s a sneak preview of the changes.
New domain name!  The domain name will finally reflect the name of Hodge Podge Moments.
The ability to purchase ads! That’s right – I’ll be opening up ads and sponsorships on the blog. Don’t worry – I plan to keep them very reasonably priced!
New layout! Yep, even though I just told you how much I love the current banner of my blog, I’ve already got a new one ready to go. It’ll go live later this week as I finish up the finer details of the layout. With this layout, you’ll also see a new option for getting your own layout designed! I want to branch out into blog design a little!
TWO giveaways in honor of my one year celebration!  One will be for current followers and the other will be your typical “follow” giveaway. I have some lovely ladies offering prizes with the second giveaway.
What won’t change?
The content! I’m still going to post a variety of things like I currently do!
The author! I’m still going to be the blogger behind Hodge Podge Moments.
My followers! I hope I don’t lose any of y’all during these major changes. 🙂
Before you leave, here’s a sneak peek at the new layout that’s coming: