I’d like to introduce one of the lovely ladies on my sidebar to you. Here name is Sylvia Wages and she’s a consultant with Avon. After you take a few moments to read her interview below, I encourage you to head over to her site and see what Avon has to offer! At the very least, go friend her on Facebook. 🙂
What is your name?
Sylvia Wages

How long have you been with Avon?

Almost two years 🙂
What is a link to your site?
I have lots of giveaways I do and post sales and points of interest.

What is your favorite Avon product?

Hummmm…I have two…lol that are close! I love our eye shadows…the quality of our pigments are amazing! In comparison to most you can’t beat ours for the value! The colors are bright and long lasting! And our Skin So Soft lines…lotions, oils, skin treatments, hair removal! They are the best!

Why did you join Avon?

I joined Avon because I am a military wife and stay at home Mom with a blended family of five. I was frustrated with our single income and not being able to “contribute” monetarily. Thinking in the back of my mind that I wouldn’t be able to make a full time jobs worth of income of my “job” with Avon. I have surprised myself and my family and have really started to “contribute” to our daily lives and to our home. I give others the same opportunity with allowing others to join my Avon team and showing them how they can do the same…And carrying on a tradition of the “Avon Lady” is something I hold very highly. I love what I do and how I can offer that special service of personally delivery and friendship to my customers and team!
Take a moment to go check her out on Facebook and at her site! I have thoroughly enjoyed having her on my sidebar. 🙂
More interesting things from Sylvia & Avon:
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