Hello summer! So glad you finally made it here – and brought the rain with you. This summer, I’ll be participating in the #summerbloggerchallenge. Basically there is a new prompt each week that I will be focusing on for the summer. This first one is “Write a post about how you’re going to spend your summer.”
Since summer started for me when the school year ended, this will be a how I plan to spend summer + a “life lately” sort of post.
My big thing this summer is organizing and packing all of my stuff. I set out a couple of weeks ago on the organizing stage of this. Organizing my stuff means deciding what is worth keeping and what can be sold in a yard sale. From all of this, I’ve decided that I own a lot more than I realized.
Here is what this process looks like:
I create  BIG mess as I sort through things.

In the end, it looks nice and pretty because it’s all organized.
Another thing that I’m trying to focus on this summer is my Thirty One business. I have really been enjoying the company and the opportunities they have given me to earn extra money towards my trip. I really enjoy their products and the friendships I’ve made through the company.
You may remember the goal board I shared a few weeks ago that I made in a training. I’ll be sharing how to make your very own goal board tomorrow on the blog. I want to make one for my fitness goals, so check back in to see how to make your own goal board!
Want to help me reach my goals? Visit my Facebook page for more details on how to help me and earn free things for yourself!
I plan to host another #bloggerPJparty in July. One will also take place in August, but I may not be around for that one! Don’t worry – I’m already recruiting great, experienced hosts for you!

I’ve also got some time with friends and a couple of trips planned for the summer. It’s going to be a busy time for me from here until September! (That being said – I’m still accepting guest posts for August! Message me for details!)
How am I keeping track of everything?
The good old “to do” list and calendar method…
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