This week on Take a Moment, I am bringing you a glimpse at Hodge Podge Moments.

Hodge Podge Moments is written by Pam (that’s me!). She started with blogging as a way to keep busy after her boyfriend moved to Califonia. She’ll be joining him in a few months and she’s really excited. Her blog is a lifestyle blog full of crafts, DIY projects, decorating, and fashion. She loves to talk about her dog Ella on the blog. Her favorite post is Decorating with Jewelry. I also love her post about being 27, unmarried, and happy.

Take a moment out of your day to head on over and visit Pam at Hodge Podge Moments! Please let her know you found the blog through this spotlight!

This week I featured myself as an example. Next week, we’ll have our very first spotlight! (I might even do two a week since the response has been so high!) Want to be in an upcoming spotlight? Fill out this form!