I’ve shared Ella’s story on the blog before. When I adopted her from the local shelter, I had no idea how perfect she would be for me. Since it’s Pet Appreciation Week, I thought I would take a moment and highlight some of the things I love about my furbaby.
1. She’s easily distracted. This makes it easy to keep her out of trouble.
2. She loves to play. I think she loves stuffed animals as much as I did as a kid.
3. She warns me when she doesn’t like someone.
4. She will protect me. In fact, she almost attacked me one night when I was coming down the hall! (In her defense, she didn’t know I had gone to the kitchen for some water.)
5. She loves me. She truly is one of my best friends.
6. She makes a great snuggle buddy at night.
7. She loves to help me blog. She is often sitting right beside me or laying her head on my lap as I blog.
Thanks to www.dogvacay.com for giving me the inspiration for this post! Go check them out – if I didn’t already have a perfect sitter for Ella (my parents), I would be using this site!
So, tell me – what do you like most about your furbaby?