Today, I’m going to share two easy crafts with you. They require very common crafting supplies and only take a small amount of time.
Up first: Button Flowers
For button flowers, you will need buttons and wire.
1. Pick two or three buttons.
2. Thread wire through the holes until it’s about even on the other side.
3. Twist the two wire pieces together – this will hold the buttons on and give a stem for your buttons.
4. Find a garden to plant your flowers in!
Up Next: Bead Sun catchers
What you need: Plastic beads, pie tins
Layer the beads in the pie tin (or muffin pan if you want smaller ones). I didn’t get a shot of the beads before melting them.

Put them in a 400 degree oven for 20-30 minutes. I read somewhere about the fumes being bad, but I didn’t notice any bad fumes when I did this in my apartment.

Let them cool and then pop them out for a fun suncatcher! You can drill holes into them to hang them up.
Have you made any fun, easy crafts lately? Share them in the comments!