Happy Independence Day! I thought about doing a post on Independence Day and what it means to me, but that seemed a little cliched. Plus, I can sum it up by saying that I’m thankful for the independence I have and the ability to express it through my blog and other means. I cannot imagine living in a country where I don’t have a freedom of speech. I’m thankful that there are people out there willing to protect those rights on a daily basis. If you’ve followed my blog at all, then you know that I’m very intertwined with military men (my father, grandfather, boyfriend, and so many more). I’m extremely proud of the job that they do to protect our rights and freedoms.

Independence Day is the biggest holiday of the summer and therefore, it felt like the right time to share my Summer Essentials with you. This is the next prompt in the #summerbloggerchallenge that I’m a part of.

Since it is a holiday and I know many of you are very busy, I’m going to keep this one in list form with lots of pictures. Below are this year’s summer essentials.

Thirty One Bags

My bags are so helpful for organizing and travel! (Don’t forget you can contact me to get your own!)
Swimsuit & Sunglasses

One of my favorite suits – especially with the anchor on the front!
Beach Towel, Hat, & Sunscreen

I burn easily, so lots of sunscreen is important!
Shave Gel & Razor

Much needed for smooth summer legs!

Workout Clothes & Water Bottle

For the next five weeks, I’m taking Pole Fitness Classes so these are essential!

Porkchop the Pig & My Kindle

Porkchop the Pig keeps me company while J is away and the Kindle gives me things to read and a way to email J.
A Furry Companion

A post wouldn’t be complete without my furbaby who does a great job of keeping me company!!
So, tell me – what’s your summer essentials?