Since we’ll be getting married in less than a month, I thought I’d reshare our beginning with my followers. If you’ve been around the blog awhile, you’ll remember me posting about this back in February. If you’re new around here, then you’ll get a glimpse into how I found my fiancé!

Before I start with the story, there’s a fact you must know. When I went through online dating, I had three things that made me rule out a guy (all for different reasons). The first one was that I didn’t want a military guy. I support our military to no end – I grew up on a military base after all. Growing up military gave me an inside peek to what the life of a military family holds. At the time, I didn’t particularly want to be moving all the time. The second thing I ruled guys out on was smoking – I always looked for non-smokers. The third was writing – if they couldn’t capitalize or punctuate their sentences, it made me think twice.

It was the day I returned from my cruise that the ex broke up with me. After the shock wore off, I contacted my friend E and asked her if we could go dancing on Friday. It was summer and I was determined to still have fun. She agreed and plans were formed – plans that changed Friday night.

I showed up at the local pub we were meeting at and waited for E. While waiting, I took in my surroundings. This place was one that I liked – a cute little place full of history in the middle of our downtown. It wasn’t a college hangout like some of the other places. We were supposed to meet there and then head over to dancing.

She showed up late and informed me that we were no longer going dancing. One of the other girls that was coming didn’t want to anymore. I wasn’t happy – I had wanted to go dancing, not sit in a bar all night, but I resigned myself to a night of girl talk at least. This night was supposed to be about forgetting guys after all. (I was thinking I might need a break from the dating scene.)

We were in the midst of talking when a guy asked if he could join us. (The place was crowded and we had the biggest table with empty seats.) We agreed and he joined us. He introduced himself and I immediately groaned inwardly – his name was the same as my ex. He tried talking with E for a while before him and I got caught up in conversation. It didn’t take me long to figure out that he was a smoker and in the military – two of the things I had avoided online.

We spent most of the night talking and at the end, he asked me for my number. We exchanged numbers and I figured that would be the end of it. I was completely surprised when I received a text from him the next day. A couple times of hanging out and two months of not talking (another long story) eventually led us to the relationship we’re in now. I never could have predicted the events of that night. I’m so glad my plans got changed at the last minute and I was around to meet J. Sometimes the universe really does know what’s best for you!
Enjoy your single life – you never know when you’re going to meet the “one.”