We’re finally in Arkansas and we get a break from the road for about a week and a half. The vast majority of the past week and a half have been spent on the road – first in a uhaul to get my stuff from SC to CA and then in a car to return to Arkansas from California so that we can visit his family and get married.  Here’s a few highlights from our trip:

We managed to get two flat tires in one day. Luckily, uhaul has amazing roadside assistance that fixed them for us so that we could be on our way!

Other than that, the uhaul trip was a whole lot of sitting as we trucked across the country. 

Once in California, we took a day to unload the uhaul (complete with a crazy couch story and a few injuries – stories to be shared another day). We also took a day to relax which meant exploring the surrounding area. We found a few different things we liked. Then, it was back on the road again. This time, we made a small detour to see the )

Grand Canyon, which was amazing. 

Now that we’re in one place for a little while, I’m going to get those guest posts up for you and catch up on some blog/email business that has been neglected while I’ve been in the land of little internet. So, if you’ve been waiting to hear for me, you should in the next couple of days!