As you read this, I’m in the process of redecorating my apartment. (Well, decorating and putting stuff away from the move.) I thought I’d share some easy decorating tips with you for keeping your place fresh and seasonal! I promise to post pictures of my apartment when it’s picture worthy! Until then, enjoy some easy decorating tips…
1. Start with a theme.
I decorate my living room based on the holidays and seasons. My first step when creating a new look for the room is to select a theme. For example, my next theme is going to be nautical to go with summer. (I will use that as my example throughout.)
2. Select your focus points.
After you have chosen your theme, you should decide what’s going to be the big “focus” of the theme. For example, with my nautical theme, I love to bring in anchors whenever possible.
3. Select your color scheme.
What color works best for your theme? Select two or three colors to use throughout the room. I have found that using the same colors throughout your décor pieces really makes it feel more put together. For my nautical theme, I’ll be using navy blue and yellow throughout the room.
4. Search for additional inspiration and DIY projects on Pinterest.
If I’m stuck about what I want, I will often turn to Pinterest. I’ll type my colors or theme into the search bar and see what others have done. This is a great way to get inspiration and cheap ideas!
5. Gather the items you will need.
When choosing your theme and color scheme, think about what you already have to go with it. I also recommend stopping by Dollar Tree and other discount stores for inspiration. Most of the time I will spend a little more on my “focal point” item and then accent it with cheaper finds, such as flowers and candles from Dollar Tree. Using what you already have can be helpful as well. Paint or ribbon can spice up your current items to make them match the new theme.
Like I said, I love to change my living room out seasonally. This past year, my themes included Halloween, Fall, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Spring, and Nautical. I never spend much on my decorating supplies and I keep them from year to year stored in plastic drawers in my closet. Each year, I update the theme slightly. I find it much more fun to change things out from time to time especially since I don’t have the luxury of changing my furniture around. These tips are versatile enough that they can be used for one room, a whole house, or even a dorm room!
Thanks for letting me share a little bit of my world with you. Before I leave, I’m curious – what is your current decorating theme?