Last week was a whirlwind, so I thought I’d take this Monday to update you on my life lately. Unfortunately, the only pictures I snapped were Instagram photos so you’ll be getting the update in the form of Instagram photos – sorry for the poor quality! I’ll try to snap more pictures this week!
Tuesday started with the first day of work and the first of my #ootd posts on Instagram! I’m only sharing the first #ootd, so if you want to see the rest, you’ll need to stop by my profile on Instagram. I purposely chose something basic and professional for the first day with my fifth graders.
The first day was a success. I think the students were surprised to find out that they were finally getting a real teacher! There had been subs in the room for a month or more! 

There was a lot of lesson planning time this week. I’ll be excited when I’ve got a good routine and don’t have to spend nearly as much time during the week lesson planning.

I’m slowly working on making the room more mine. There are lots of cute touches that I want to add but that will be a slow process. I did pick up some colorful tape to use as a starting point!
I got a surprise from Influenster in the middle of the week which made me happy! They sent me a great collection of prizes from Nivea for the last campaign I did. I also received my next campaign and I’m excited to get started on it!



The last big thing of the week is that Sunday marked a month since we’ve been married. I didn’t even realize this until The Knot sent me an email telling me about it! I’m definitely not keeping track. 

Now that I’ve shared how last week went, it’s time to look forward to this week – my birthday week! On October 24th, I’ll be……well, how old do you think I’ll be?