I have a great surprise for you today! With the help of Dani at Dani Dearest, I’m hosting a Secret Santa Exchange for bloggers! Ready to hear how it works and to sign up? I’ll break it down into steps for you.
1. Fill out the form by November 22 to sign up. Save the image above and post it on your blog to let them know you’re participating! Please link back to Hodge Podge Moments or Dani Dearest so your followers can join in on the fun too!
2. Receive your buddy’s information via email on November 23rd and write an introduction post on your blog. (Details will come in an email about what to include.)
3. Cyberstalk your buddy to learn more about them. Send a $10 (minimum) gift to your buddy by December 10. (You can include a return address on your package, but please leave off your name to keep it “secret!”) 
4. Link up with us on December 22nd and reveal your gift! This will also be when your buddy comments on your post and lets you know they sent it!
5. For the rest of December & January, shower your buddies with social media love! (You’ll have a buddy who sends you stuff and then the buddy that you send stuff to!)
If you have any questions, feel free to message Dani or me! Also, please spread the word about this great holiday fun!
We ask that you include the badge on your blog sidebar or in a post to spread the word since this is the first time for this event! (We also appreciate social media love of course!)