With the holidays coming up, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite DIY gift ideas from previous years! Today, we’re going to focus on how to gift nail polish for the holidays. It’s such a small, cheap gift, but it can make a nice gift if you put a little time and thought into how you gift it!
Up first, we have the classic mason jar gift. Take a mason jar and fill it with nail polish, polish remover, cotton balls, and a couple of nail files. Add some pretty tulle covering the lid and a ribbon for a festive gift! As a southern girl, I love the mason jar touch!

Next, we have a simple plastic container that will hold all of your items nicely. It offers a bonus addition of giving the receiver a container for storing things in. For these, I picked out a container (with a green lid for a festive touch) and lined them with cotton balls. On top of the snowy cotton balls, I placed my nail polish and accessories. In the future, I will be using paint or sharpie to personalize the outside of the container as well!

The last version that I’m going to show you is a simple variation that can be adapted for any jar or vase. Simply fill the jar vase with cotton balls and add your polish remover and accessories to the inside. Then, tie a pretty ribbon to the outside and attach your nail polish to the outside – it adds a unique touch!

The cost for this simple gift (with variations):
Container – $1 (or less)
Nail Polish – $1
Travel Size Polish Remover – $1
Cotton Balls – 100 for $1
Nail Files – 25 for $1
Ribbon – varies
For $4-$5, you just created a nice gift to give to a friend or colleague!