Every week with Be Seen in 2015, I’m bringing you an improvement challenge to complete. If you follow along every Sunday, that’s 52 challenges by the end of the year! I highly recommend joining the group to get the most out of Be Seen in 2015, but then again I might be a little biased. It is free though if you’d like to check it out!
This week’s challenge focuses on decluttering your life. You can apply it to the actual clutter in your life or you can apply it to the things in life that make you feel cluttered (negative people, bad habits, etc).
Ready for the challenge?
Get rid of 7 evils.
For those of us that don’t know where to start with identifying our evils, I’ve shared my list below!
My 7 Evils to Eliminate:
1. Soda
2. Papers on my desk at work
3. Staying up Late
4. Sleeping In
5. Saying yes to everyone that needs help
6. Clothing
7. Junk food
For some of these, it’s a matter of eliminating them (soda). For others, it’s a matter of changing my routine (bedtime). For some, it’s a matter of physically getting rid of something (clothing). When it comes to the physical items, I recommend starting with the number 7 as well. So, I’ll be getting rid of 7 articles of clothing this week.
Why the number seven? Why did I pick that number?
I chose seven for two reasons. The first reason I chose it is that you have this challenge for a week. There are seven days in a week. If you create a list of seven, you can stagger when you start them. For example, Monday I might focus on quitting soda and not focus on the bedtime until Wednesday. Once I eliminate an evil, I will continue to keep it out of my life. The start date isn’t as important as continuing with it.
The second reason I chose the number seven is that it’s small. Getting rid of 7 articles of clothing doesn’t seem like it will do much to help my closet. However, if I got rid of 7 articles of clothing each week until I’m happy with the result, it would do wonders for my closet. By keeping the number small, it’s manageable and quick. I know I’ve got a busy schedule and quick tasks often fits in easier than time consuming ones.
So, are you up for it? Start creating your list! I’d love to see what you’ve put on it in the comments below and in our free Facebook group.
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