I’m excited to share that I finally got the 21 Day Fix program from Beachbody in the mail today! This is a program that I have looked at and considered several times in the past. It has portion control containers and a very detailed meal plan to help you get your eating habits on track. It also has quick 30 minute workouts to help you get your exercise habits on track as well. These are the two big aspects that drew me to this program.
I first heard of 21 Day Fix about a year ago when it was popping up on Pinterest and different sites around the web. The containers and meal plan really caught my attention. I debated getting the program and eventually decided against it. Instead, I tried my best to manage healthy eating and exercise on my own. I did okay, but I wouldn’t say I did great.
Moving, marriage, and stress led me to resort back to some very bad habits of eating. During this time, an old coworker found me on Facebook and we started talking a lot. She is a Beachbody coach and shared her experiences with the program. In November, I gave in and purchased the PiYo program because the workouts looked like something I would enjoy. I went to give it a try and realized I was still missing a solid meal program. The one that came with PiYo was good, but it wasn’t quite “simple” enough for me to follow easily. This led me to order the 21 Day Fix program and just reading the booklet today has me excited!

Top Five Reasons I’m Excited:
1. The containers are really easy to use. You fill them with the set foods and you’re good! (No extra measuring!)
2. I can still have an occasional glass of wine!
3. There is a treats list that you can use to treat yourself every now and then. (Nobody’s perfect after all!)
4. There is a restaurant food list to help you stick to the system even when eating out. (And guess what – cheese pizza is on the list!)
5. They include some great recipes and seasoning mixes at the back of the eating plan. I’m looking forward to trying new things. (Speaking of new things, there are a few foods I’m going to have to look up. Does anyone know what jicama is?)

I’m off to work some more on my meal planning! I start the system on Monday and preparation is the key to success. Take a look at some of my planning below. I’ll share more about my planning method in a future post! Also look out for more thoughts about the program as I go through 21 days of it!

Interested in joining me with this program? Contact me and I’ll give you all the details on how to get started!

Are fitness and healthy eating on your resolution list?