Today I’m bringing you a list of things you can do in just five minutes to make your home feel cleaner!
1. Take out the trash. I recommend gathering all trash before you do this. There is nothing more annoying than taking out the trash and discovering something in another room that should have gone out as well!
2. Wipe down the counter. Take a few moments and wipe down the counters in the kitchen and the bathroom. Use a sweet-smelling cleaner and you have the added bonus of making things smell cleaner too!
3. Make the bed. Your bed is a large piece of furniture in your room, so a messy bed makes a room look messy. Same goes for the living room – straighten the pillows and cushions. It takes a few minutes but it will make the room feel neater.
4. Quick pick up.  Go from room to room looking for items that are out of place. Return them to their proper room. Do this every night and your place will feel and stay a lot neater!
5. Vacuum. It’s a small step and only takes a few minutes, but it can make the place feel cleaner!
6. Sort the laundry. Organizing something always makes me feel cleaner. The laundry is a small thing to organize. This goes right along with keeping things picked up and in their spot – it helps make your place feel and stay cleaner.
Need a reminder of these tasks? Print out the graphic at the top and store it somewhere within eyesight!
What are your go to tasks for making your home feel cleaner?