For those of you in my Be Seen in 2015 Facebook group, you’ve already heard about this upcoming challenge. For everyone else, you’re hearing about it now!
I will be hosting a special health & fitness challenge from February 15 – February 28. That’s two weeks of learning about healthy eating and staying fit. You’ll get to try out a variety of recipes, exercises, and more. It will be a closed group on Facebook so you’ll be able to get the support and motivation you need without having to share it with everyone you know. It’ll also be the perfect opportunity to make new friends!
To join, simply click on the banner below to go to the Facebook group. We will be doing a few pre-challenge exercises this week so make sure that you hop on in and join us!
I will be sharing various programs and my thoughts on them over the course of the challenge. I’m also going to be inviting participants to share programs they’ve worked with and what they’ve had success with.
I’m not an exercise or nutrition expert, but I have done a lot of research and tried many things out. I’ll be able to share my thoughts, knowledge, and what has been successful for me. I’ll also be inviting participants to do the same! 
Bikini season is just around the corner – are you ready? Let us help you get ready!