I am constantly looking for new ways to keep myself organized and motivated. My most recent idea involved post-it notes and a very visual reminder around my house. I hate having to look at a mess, so I picked out colorful post-it notes to place around the house depicting my to do list. My goal is to finish 10 of these projects by the end of February.
Let’s go through the steps for creating a post-it note to do list.
1. Lay out the number of projects that you would like to accomplish. (I picked bright yellowish-orange post-it notes so that they would be really annoying every time I saw them!)
2. Write down your projects and stick them near the project that needs some attention. (For example, this storage ottoman needed some serious love!)
3. When you have an open moment, visit the project and figure out what needs to be done. For example, here is the inside of my messy storage ottoman.
4. Tackle the project that you set out to tackle. (See my much neater storage ottoman?) 


5. Throw out the post-it note because you’ve now accomplished a project on your to do list! No more reminder needed! (See my post-it note hiding among the papers to recycle?)
Remember when I said I had a goal of accomplishing more than one project? Here’s a sneak peek at some of my other projects that are yet to be accomplished.


So, what’s going to be added to your to do list?