I’m really excited to share about a special challenge I’ve put together for April! It’s a 30 Day Spring Cleaning challenge. I called it “30 Day” instead of April so that you can use it at anytime. So, if you’re reading this post in September, then go ahead and still use the information provided here!
First off, I’m going to be making several printables for this challenge. You can get them for free by joining the Facebook group. I’ll be posting all of the printables to that group for free, including the two below which have already been uploaded. They’ll also be available for purchase in my Etsy store (coming soon!). Why not get them (and more) for free by joining the group?


You’ll also get daily challenges and more tips and tricks for cleaning each room of your house. I’ll be sharing how to use the printables to make the most of your spring cleaning. I’m excited about getting my place in order now before summer hits. Join me as I clean the month away and create a new plan to better conquer the cleaning tasks after it’s been organized and cleaned in April.
So, are you in? Click here to join and get all the goodies for free!