I’ve always been the girl who doesn’t wear make-up. I can remember wanting to wear make-up in middle school but we weren’t allowed to. By the time I was able to wear make-up, I was no longer interested in it and kept going about my life without it. I’ve truly never missed it. In fact, the first time my husband saw me in make-up was for our engagement pictures when his cousin did my hair and make-up.

The next two times I wore make-up, it was done for me at a salon. My sister took me to a make-up session for my wedding and then I had my make-up done for the Coast Guard Ball (more on that in a later update). Hubby seemed to enjoy my make-up for the engagement photos and on our wedding day. Sadly, he didn’t get to enjoy it for the Coast Guard Ball because he was away for it. He simply got to see the pictures.

I’ve recently decided that occasional make-up as a treat for myself or him would be nice. However, I do not have much knowledge of buying make-up. I recently bought some eye shadow from Cover Girl and mascara from Maybelline. I also bought a few things from a salon the other day after a make-over and was given a few Younique samples through a party.

Even though I’ve had my make-up done a few times and bought a few items, I still feel rather clueless. That’s where I need your help. I’d love to hear about your favorite beauty tips and make-up to buy. Help a no makeup girl out by giving me some advice so that I can surprise the hubby with a pretty wife!