June is right around the corner and that brings summer and a more open schedule for many of us. I’ll officially be done with my job on June 4th (as in I’m not returning next year – that’s a story for another post though). My goal is to work on several blog related items.
Since I’m a big believer in accountability and goal setting, I thought I’d share my goals here with everyone. A few of these also involve opportunities to grow and expand your own blog. Feel free to contact me at hodgepodgepam@gmail.com for more information on any of the things mentioned below!
1. The Blog Sisterhood: I’m working on putting together an active blogging tribe that will focus on helping each other and women around us. The ideal blogger would be one with a female audience who focuses on helping other women achieve health and happiness in her life (in whatever form that may come). I’m not a big fan of the term “tribe” so I’ve selected to call it a sisterhood instead and I’m hoping to build a caring, supportive community of bloggers over the summer. Feel free to get in touch with me if this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of!
2. Blog Newsletter: I’m looking to put together a weekly email newsletter that will contain health and happiness tips, spotlights, and much more.
3. Fitness Dares: I posted the first one of these on instagram yesterday. I plan to make these a more regular feature of my instagram. My hope is to help people get motivated and have fun with fitness.
4. The Blogger Connection: We haven’t forgotten about the online conference. There is still a group of dedicated bloggers working towards this event. The goal is to have everything together for August or September. I’m going to my first blogger conference next weekend and I’m super excited to plan a virtual one for those that are unable to attend one in person due to money, time, or travel.
5. Blogger PJ Party: It’s been one year since I started the #bloggerPJparty. While I’m excited about the success of it and I love the community it provides, I’m also looking to expand it. I have several new ideas in mind to help it grow and to hopefully help people build friendships through the parties.
There you have it – a few of the items on my blog bucket list for the summer. There are many more ideas floating around but these are the big ones at the moment. Don’t forget to get in touch for more details if you’re interested!
What’s on your bucket list for summer? Feel free to use the image at the top of this post (with a link back) and share your bucket list on your blog! (If you have writer’s block for your blog at the moment, then I just helped give you an idea!) If you share your bucket list, please leave it in the comments so that I can check I out!