I’d like for you to take a moment and read about some great uses for a common household product that Kathleen has put together for us! I hope you enjoy her article below. 
Surprising Uses for Plastic Wrap
Who could imagine that plastic wrap had so many uses other than covering casseroles or other food containers? Small sheets of plastic wrap can help you keep your cutlery in order, prevent leakages, keep your refrigerator shelves free of dirt, etc. Here is what plastic wrap can actually do for you.
Fridge Shelves
Using plastic wrap is a great way to keep the shelves of your fridge clean and save yourself the regular cleaning routines are saying from Professional cleaners in Balham. Just seal the shelves with it and place all your food over it. This will keep the refrigerator from getting dirty. As a result, you’ll spend less time cleaning it and more time enjoying your food.
Cutlery and Utensils
Whether you want to store all your cutlery in one place without it falling apart or you are moving and need to relocate all your forks, spoons, knives, etc. in a safe way, plastic wrap will come in handy. Cover all the sets with plastic wrap and seal them carefully so that they can’t fall apart. Put them in their assigned place and don’t worry about them anymore. They will be safe and sound right where they are. The plastic wrap will keep them in order.
Paint Brushes and Rollers
Wrap your paint brushes and rollers in plastic wrap to keep them from drying. This tip works wonders when you’re done painting for the day but you’re to continue work the next morning. In that case, you don’t want your painting supplies to dry and become a real pain in the neck with regard to cleaning.
Advantages: you save time. If you are the lazy kind, you will find this option much better than soaking the paint brushes and rollers in water till the next morning or cleaning them after each session. Water conservation is another thing to take into account.
Want to keep your paint fresh till the next day? Cover the cans with plastic wrap and seal well. This will act as a lid, protecting your paint from losing its qualities.
And while we’re still on painting, did you know that you can create a very beautiful pattern on your walls while painting? What you need, of course, is plastic wrap. This technique is called “frottage”. When you have added a coat of painting, grab a sheet of plastic wrap and apply on the wall while it’s still wet.
Work Gloves
More often than not, work gloves may make your grip unstable. A rake may feel slippery when you hold it with your hands wrapped in gloves. To improve your grip, use plastic wrap. Simply seal the handle of the rake or shovel with plastic wrap. It will make things much better. You won’t have to worry about slippery handles anymore and you’ll be able to use gloves to protect your hands.
If you want to provide a mini greenhouse for your seeds, use plastic wrap to keep them in a warm, humid and nice environment. Simply place seeds and soil into a container and instead of covering it with a lid, use plastic wrap. It will seal the container keeping the soil moistened. It will promote the growth of the seeds. Just make sure you don’t create the perfect environment for mold and mildew.
Keep any liquids from spilling by covering them with plastic wrap. This can save you thousands of headaches during travel. You surely don’t want your liquids to spread over your luggage and create a difficult-to-deal-with mess. To keep the situation under control, remove the cover of the liquid and seal with plastic wrap. Then place back the lid and you’re done. Now you can rest assured your bags are safe.