June has been a really busy month on the blog and it’s almost over. I thought it’d be fun to start a new series called “Month in Review.” It’ll be my chance to share my favorite posts with you from the month. It’ll also be a chance for you to catch up on posts you might have missed.  I present to you – the very first Month in Review.
I took all of my Netflix watching and put it to use. I created my top five shows to lift your spirits. I’m hoping to do a few more “Netflix” lists in the future to suit the many moods that come with being human!
I got very brave and shared a very personal moment with everyone. I made the decision to quit my job after a year of teaching in California and I go into the major reasons in this post.
My hometown was hit with major tragedy this month. I wrote a letter to my hometown about my emotions during all of this as I followed the news from across the country. It was another very personal post.
The blog turned two this year! I didn’t think it would hit two months, let alone two years. This was a huge milestone for the blog and me!
June brought another milestone for me in the blogging world. My husband and I officially started a blog together that will chronicle our adventures across the country through travel, reviews, recipes, and more.
I shared my favorites but now I’m curious – what was your favorite post this month?