Today is a big day. It’s the first day of summer, Father’s Day, and the Blogger PJ Party (see you at 7p EST). As a result, you’ll be getting two posts from me today – a summer blog hop post and a Blogger PJ Party link up post. Last year, I wrote a thankful for my father post that speaks volumes on how I feel about my dad. I didn’t think I could top it yet so I’ll just direct you back to that post.


Summer is here! It’s officially here…today marks the summer solstice and the official first day of summer. It’s been feeling like summer for quite a while but it’s definitely nice to be able to say that it’s finally here. I wanted to celebrate the first day of summer, so I got together some other bloggers and we put together a summer blog hop. After you read my post, go back to your own blog and find a summer post to link up. Haven’t written a summer post yet? Well, I just gave you an idea for your next post!
I’m bringing you my top five summer essentials today. Affiliate links are used to help you find the items if you’re interested in purchasing them for yourself. I make a little money off of these links, but they don’t cost you anything extra. It’s like supporting your favorite blog without spending any extra money! (You can click on the pictures in this post to get to check out more details on the items I picked.)
1. Swimsuit
Summer is one of the only times we get to wear swimsuits on a regular basis. Therefore, a swimsuit is definitely a summer essential. They are great for the beach, pool, or just to enjoy the outdoors. Every year, I try to buy a new swimsuit. I’ve been looking around but haven’t found one I’m in love with yet. I found a couple on Amazon that fit with what I’m looking for.


2. Kindle OR Book
I’m a huge fan of having something to read during the summer. I find it so relaxing to lounge by the pool or lay out on the beach and enjoy a good book. Summer is also a prime time for traveling, which makes the kindle a useful reading tool. You can pack 100 books in less space than one book would take up. I’m actually in the market for new summer reads. What are some of your favorite books?

3. A Great Razor
I don’t normally spend extra money on things. I normally go for the cheapest route and call it a day. However, when it comes to razors, I’m very picky – especially in the summer when I’m going to be shaving my legs more frequently than normal (no pants to hide the stubble!). It took me several tries before I found the best fit for myself. I love the Schick Quattro razor for my legs. In the summertime, I especially love the one with the bikini trimmer attached. The initial cost is high but the cartridges aren’t too expensive to replace and they last a while. I’ll be posting my tips for a smooth shave later this month – keep an eye out for it!

4. Sunscreen that Smells Good
Summer brings bright sun and lots of time spent in it. Protecting your skin during this season is super important. I don’t think I need to tell you about the horrors of skin cancer and other diseases on here. (If you’re not familiar with them, I’m sure a simple google search will give you lots of information and images.) I try my best to remember sunscreen and to reapply it often (I say this as I have a slight burn from forgetting to put on sunscreen at the Pirate Festival yesterday. Luckily, my husband reminded me half way through or I would really be red.) I love a sunscreen that smells good, which is what I’ve shared below!

5. An Awesome Water Bottle
Remember all of that talk about the sun and summer heat? Just like it’s important to protect your skin from the sun, it’s also important to protect your body from dehydration. (That’s another one you can google if you’re unaware of the dangers that come with not enough water in your body.) One of my favorite ways to encourage myself to drink more water is by carrying around a fun water bottle. I also try to keep it filled so that I’m never without water. If you’re going to exercise, travel, or be outside at all this summer, then it’s time to invest in a water bottle.
I love keeping things simple, so a list of five seems like enough. If I were to extend the list, beach towel and fruit would definitely make the list as well. What would make your list?
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