As part of my accountability for my new goals, I have decided to use Saturdays for a “Week in Review.” I’ll primarily be focusing on Monday – Friday at this point because weekends are spent enjoying the husband. When he’s only home for a few months, it becomes a mini vacation and you try to squeeze as much quality time in as possible.
Ready for my first week in review? I have to say it was a pretty stellar week when it comes to my goals!
Goals for the Week:
1. Up my water intake. Try to meet 64oz + everyday.
2. Drink Shakeology everyday.
3. Find a workout program and stick to it.
Now, let’s see how I did!

Day 1, I started off very strong. I started the day off with a workout and my shakeology. I also started setting up a more organized space to keep all of my stuff.  My plan on Monday was to try a new workout and continue with that everyday. Instead, I found a workout series that I wanted to continue with. Overall, I would say I met my goals on Monday.

Day 2 was another day that started strong. I did my workout first thing in the morning and followed it up with shakeology. I also downed water throughout the day. It’s quite possible that I exceeded my water goal for the day. Day 2 was even a success with dinner as we had zucchini lasagna again. I’m excited to report that it was just as yummy the second time around!

Day 3 was my least productive day of the week. I woke up feeling very sick and skipped my workout entirely. I ended up snacking on goldfish throughout the day and eating beef stroganoff for dinner. They weren’t necessarily good food choices but they did comfort me on a sick day.


Day 4, I jumped right back into being productive. I started off with a workout which made up for Wednesday. Day 4 was originally supposed to be a rest day so it was an easy switch. I also discovered that sweet potatoes cook really well in the crockpot and you can create soft serve ice cream from bananas.



Friday wasn’t perfect but at least I started my day off right. The problem came at dinner time when we went out to eat. Then again, my food wasn’t really one of my focuses for the week so I guess I still met my goals of working out, drinking water, and having my shakeology.
Goals for Next Week:
1. Continue with daily workouts.
2. Start back to daily walks.
3. Cut out soda entirely. (I had some this week because the water tasted so terrible at the restaurant. I might have to start taking my own water with me.)