If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, then you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of goal setting and making changes to make you happier and healthier. I’ve blogged about it several times, including the time that I shared my goal setting printables. They are a perfect resource for helping you reach your goals. Since July marks the mid-year point, I think it’s the perfect time to reflect and share my new goals!
If you’ve looked at a calendar today, then you’ll know that it’s July 1st. If you haven’t looked at a calendar yet, then I just informed you that it’s the 1st of July. This means a new month which means the perfect time to set new goals, especially since we’re at the halfway point for the year. So, Happy Mid-Year!
Now, let’s make some changes – both personal and blogging. I’ve shared mine below and I would love to check out yours so please leave them in the comments if you have them!
1. Establish morning routine – Now that I’m on summer vacation and without a daily routine, I’ve found that I’m less productive than I could be. One of my goals for July is establishing a productive and healthy morning routine.
2. Establish evening routine – My lack of daily routine has also been causing sleeping problems. While I was on my evening walk with my husband last night, I realized that a good nightly routine could help me sleep better. I’m hoping to incorporate yoga, tea, and reading into my nightly routine to help my mind slow down and prepare for slumber.
3. Fitness – I feel like I always have new fitness goals. I’ve set myself up for four different things in July. I’m hoping to start each day with Journey to Splits from Blogilates. I hope to follow these up with a round of Turbo Jam. I have also purchased a LivingSocial deal for Barre classes that I hope to make use of in July. It’s good for a full month and I’m looking forward to using it! The last fitness item I’m hoping to incorporate is 30 Days of Yoga from Adrienne. I plan to use this for my bedtime routine.
4. Organize apartment – July will be the month I get everything organized in the apartment. I have been purging lots of things, including half my wardrobe as I work my way towards a more organized and minimalistic approach. I’m looking to make our living space enjoyable and useable.
5. Try 5 new recipes – I love trying new things (take the zucchini lasagna for example) and figured I would make a goal out of that. I’m hoping to try at least 5 new recipes in July. That’s about one a week. I’m also planning to try to create a recipe or two of my own. I’m sure I can find fun ways to play in the kitchen!
1. Host first challenge group – As you may or may not know, I am signed up as a Beachbody coach. I haven’t done much with it yet because I’ve been working on myself. I don’t believe in sharing something that I don’t believe in. After months of working with the programs and finding my match, I feel ready to help others. I hosted a free five day challenge group this week but I’m hoping to do a full-fledged challenge group in July. Look for more information about this group and how it can help you shed up to 10 pounds in 21 days!
2. Weekly newsletter – My first newsletter went out today!  Were you on the list? I’m hoping to send one out weekly and they’ll contain new and better things each week. I plan to include tips, tricks, recipes, and even exclusive printables.
3. Grow social media – I feel like this is a goal that is always on the blogging list. I’ve been working hard to grow things and gain exposure this month and it has paid off. I’m so excited to be gaining followers and finding new people to help! That’s what this blog is really about – helping and inspiring others.
4. Time management workshop – I have several workshops planned that I want to host. After feedback from friends and group members, the time management workshop has moved to the top of the list. I’m hoping to host this workshop mid-July to help people prepare for the back to school season. I’ll be taking a select number of volunteers to try out the workshop for free the first time. Email subscribers will get the information first! Yet another reason to be on the list.
5. Start working on ebook – I have lots of ideas floating around and an ebook is among them. I’m not revealing any more than that at the moment though. I’ve got to keep at least one goal semi-private.
What are your goals? I’d love to hear about them in the comments or leave a link to your own blog and I’ll be happy to check it out!