Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to a #bloggerPJparty. If your hand went up, then you’re going to want to read this post for important information about the party. If you’ve never been a party, then you’re going to find out what the party is in this post. Either way, you’re going to learn something about the party I’ve been hosting for over a year now!

The #bloggerPJparty came about in April of 2014. I was at the point where blogging friends were becoming an important part of my life and I was looking for ways to get to know them outside of their blogs. That’s when the idea of an online pajama party was born. The first one was hosted in April of 2014 on Facebook and was a huge success! We laughed, shared, and got to know each other in new ways. Since then, the PJ party has been hosted on a variety of social media networks and is always a fun time of learning and sharing.

Hosting a party every month is a big commitment and takes a lot of effort between selecting a day and time, setting it up, planning topics, and spreading the word to as many bloggers as possible. There are some months where I barely have time to fit it into my schedule. Remember how I mentioned streamlining my commitments yesterday? Part of that streamlining was determining which commitments needed to go and which commitments I could get help with. The #bloggerPJparty made the latter of those two lists.

That’s right – I’m looking for other bloggers to add to the Blogger PJ Party Team. The team will help with hosting, scheduling, planning, and advertising. For now, we’ll still be hosting a party once a month but I do hope to expand to two parties a month. If you’re interested in being on the team, please get in touch via email (hodgepodgepam@gmail.com). Please include a link to your blog and why you would like to be a part of the team.

The team will consist of three to four bloggers. We’ll communicate monthly to plan each party and take turns in the hosting capacities. If you’re selected as a member of the team, your blog will be included on all graphics and promotions as a host. I’m looking forward to building this team and taking the party to a new level. (P.S. The #bloggerPJparty is the event that first started bringing new followers and steady traffic to my blog. It was a big game changer for my blog!)

I’d love a little input on which social media platform you like best for parties. Please let me know in the comments which platform you prefer – especially if you’ve been to a party before!