This week (yesterday to be exact), Julie at Girl on the Move posted some travel icebreakers. I enjoyed reading her answers so much that I wanted to answer the questions myself. She can’t remember where she found the questions but if they look familiar to you, please let us know so that we can give proper credit!
What is your favorite seat on the airplane?
I didn’t used to have a favorite seat. I was perfectly fine with window or aisle seating (I could do without the center where you’re squished between two people). Then, I was moved to the emergency exit row on this last trip home. At first the responsibility of it freaked me out a little until I discovered the next leg room and settled into the next few hours happy to be able to stretch my legs and hoping that the plane didn’t go down. I have to say – the leg room was very nice.
What is your favorite photo on, of, or from a plane?
I have included two photos for this one – neither taken on a plane but both were taken in the airport. The first is a picture my mom took of my nephew watching for my plane the first time I flew home. The other is a picture of my luggage and travel buddy from my last flight home. They both make me smile, especially since I am itching to go home again.  (October…hurry up!)
What is your favorite snack and drink on board?
I don’t typically eat on board the plane because I get motion sickness. I haven’t experienced motion sickness on a plane yet but I have in a car and a boat so I don’t take many chances. (Dramamine is my friend.) As far as drinks go, it depends on what they have that day – typically I end up with a sprite or other fizzy drink to help keep my stomach calm. Last time, I stuck to water.
What is your favorite way to pack your bag? Roll or fold?
When I take my weekender bag, I tend to do a combination of rolling and folding because that seems to be the most effective. When I use my suitcase, I roll everything to make it fit. I’m just like Julie though in that I love when everything matches!
What is your favorite activity onboard?
I love to read. In fact, I read almost an entire novel on this last trip when I could have been sleeping. I always try to sleep on the plane because it makes time go quicker but I’ve yet to be successful (even on my overnight flight!). I’m already taking book recommendations for my next flight… 😉
What is your favorite weekend trip?
My favorite weekend trip was to Arkansas two years ago. It was an extended weekend trip and the first time I had seen my hubby (then boyfriend) since we started long distance. It was the first time I learned the power of seeing the one you love after a long separation. Nothing can describe that feeling.
What is your favorite layover airport?
To me, they all seem very similar. I’ve yet to find one that I “love.” I have found a few that I don’t like though…
What is your favorite season to travel?
I love travelling whenever it fits into my schedule. The season doesn’t matter to me as much as the people I’m going to see and the length of time involved! At this point, I have travelled in all seasons and I don’t have a favorite. (Though winter with its unexpected snow delays may rank as a least favorite…)
What is your favorite event to travel a long distance for?
Reunions – whether they be with family, friends, or significant others. It’s always special when the person waiting for you at the airport is someone you haven’t seen in a long time.  I’d have to say my favorite of these reunions was last August when we reunited after eight months apart. That reunion was quickly followed by an engagement and marriage so it’s going to stand out in my mind for a VERY long time!
What about you? How would you answer the questions?
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