Tomorrow, I’ll be spending a lot of time on a plane. Did you know that it takes up an entire day to get across the country? I’ve been packing and cleaning all day but thought I’d take a moment to write a blog post about going home to Charleston.

I’m big on preparing for trips. I start planning way in advance so that I make sure I get to do the things I want to do. I don’t schedule everything out but I do like to create a list of things to do – even if my trip is simply going home. I thought I’d share a few tips for creating your own Travel Bucket List for any trip that you may be going on.

Step 1 – Determine how many days you’ll be on the trip. Are you going for a few days or a month? How long will you be there? This is going to affect how long your bucket list is and what you can accomplish from it.

Step 2 – Make a list of holidays and events that might be going on while you’re home. These items are going to have more set dates that can’t be altered. Write them down on your list.

Step 3 – Write down the people you want to see and the places you want to go. Is there a friend that you enjoy hanging out with? Is there a favorite restaurant that you can only visit when you’re home? All of these should go on the list.

Step 4 – Prioritize your list and share it with others. I shared mine with my family so that they could help me accomplish the items on my list. We scheduled some of the items and others are still open ended.

Optional step: Research the items on your list. Determine cost, time, and dates for the items you want to do. (Researching in advance prevents the surprise of finding out somewhere is unexpectedly closed on Mondays.)

Step 5 – Remember to pack your list! There’s nothing worst than getting somewhere and realizing you forgot your list!


Here’s a peek at my bucket list for my trip home to Charleston:

1. Celebrate my birthday with friends and family

2. Go to the Carolina Renaissance Faire

3. Have a girls day

4. Take my nephew to the Children’s Museum.

5. Go to the dentist. (Okay, so this one’s not fun but it is overdue.)

6. Celebrate my nephew’s second birthday.

7. Visit these restaurants: Mellow Mushroom, Moe’s, Zaxby’s, Sonic’s, Cici’s, Chuck E. Cheese (with the nephew)

8. Find Holy City Pluff Mud Porter to bring home for my husband to enjoy after deployment.

9. Hang out with my favorite friends. 🙂

What would be on your list for a visit to your hometown?