The holidays are coming up. We’re one week from Thanksgiving and then the holiday season kicks into high gear as we enter December. It’s so easy to forget to enjoy ourselves during this festive time. This is why I’ve created a calendar full of 31 things to do in December to keep the holiday spirit alive.
Starting December 1, I will be posting a daily activity that you can do to keep the holiday spirit alive. I’ll also be posting a printable calendar on November 30 to help you keep track of the activities. The calendar includes all of the activities, but each blog post will elaborate on the activities and give you additional ideas to make the activity magical. (For example, I’ll be sharing how to have a snowball fight on December 21 even without snow!)
I’m very excited about Holiday Moments and hope that you’ll check back to the blog often to see the magical activities. I know I’ve been a little scattered in posts lately due to visiting my family, but I’ll be posting EVERYDAY in December to help you keep the holiday magic alive all season!
Here’s a preview of the calendar and what to expect in December. (Don’t forget to check back on November 30th for the printable version of the calendar!)
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I can’t wait to help you celebrate the holidays in December. It’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to in December. What are you looking forward to?