I love my Fitbit Charge. I love that it tracks my activity and all I have to do is wear it on my wrist like a watch. I love that it also holds me accountable for being active.
I don’t love that some days are harder than others to meet my 10,000 step goal. I’ve discovered a few tricks to getting extra steps along the way though and I thought I’d share those with you today. The best part – no “cheating” is required to gain these extra steps which means they actually help you out!
Don’t own a FitBit? That’s okay – these tips will still help you get more movement in your day which equals a higher calorie burn at the end of the day!
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Getting more movement in during the day can help you meat your health and fitness goals. We are constantly burning calories throughout the day, even when we’re sitting. However, we burn even more calories in a day when we’re up and moving around. These simple tips will help you get up and moving around to burn those extra calories.

1. Walk around your house while you brush your teeth.

You have to brush your teeth everyday. (Okay, it’s technically a recommendation but I want to keep my teeth so I consider it a requirement in my day. It’s a twice a day commitment for me.) Normally, you stand at the sink with a toothbrush moving in your mouth. Your arms are getting some movement, but why no throw in a little extra movement for your feet? Take that toothbrush and walk around your home. The sink will never be too far away so you can use it as you need it. I did this during my morning brushing and racked up an extra 100 steps or more.

2. Take the stairs.

Going to the second floor? The elevator may seem like an easy option but easy isn’t always best. By taking the stairs, you’ll gain extra steps and the added bonus of elevation which helps you burn even more calories. In the end, the elevator doesn’t really save you on time so you’re not gaining much by taking it. (If you have to take the elevator for some reason, then pace back and forth while you’re riding it to get a few extra steps. Again, it’s a moment in your day when you’re standing still but could be moving.)

3. Get up and dance.

A few months ago, I was doing the Cize program by Shaun T. It’s a fast paced workout program that teaches you the moves to a dance as you go along. I was gaining an extra 2000 – 5000 steps per workout. This was when I started to make a connection between dancing and FitBit steps. I made the full connection the night that I was 900 steps from my goal. I turned on a dance station on Pandora and rocked it out in my living room for about 10 minutes. I quickly gained the steps I needed and watched my calorie burn soar on my FitBit. I highly recommend taking a dance break every now and then to get your body moving. (P.S. It can also help relieve stress!)

4. Take the long way.

Do you have a choice of routes? Is one longer than the other? It may seem obvious that the long route would get you more steps but we don’t always think about that. For some reason, we’re programmed to think about shortcuts and time savers instead of what will give our body movement. When the option is there, take the long route!

5. Walk the dog.

Give your furry friend some exercise and you’ll gain some steps in the process. Already walked them for the day? I’m sure they won’t protest if you pull out their leash for a second time in the day. In fact, they’ll probably think you’re the best thing ever.

6. Walk and talk.

I spend a lot of time talking on the phone with my mom since we live on two different coasts now. That’s a lot of time sitting on the couch with a phone to my ear – until I saw it as the perfect opportunity to increase my steps. Take a walk while you talk to those you love. It’s often hard to multi-task effectively on the phone but a walk is easy to do while talking. Just think – you’ll have company along for your exercise!

7. Wear your FitBit or other tracker.

This one is probably the most obvious tip but I felt it deserved a spot on the list. There is nothing more annoying that knowing you got a lot of steps in and forgot to track them. Make it a habit to wear your tracker everyday and you can avoid this. Since mine has a sleep tracker, I sleep in mine and only take it off for showers and charging. If sleeping in your tracker bothers you, then make it part of your morning routine to put the tracker on.

Do you have a fitness tracker? What are your tips for getting more movement in a day?