I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving yesterday. I know we did. We spent the day with friends enjoying good food and fun games. That being said, I think it’s fair to say that we overindulged a little more than we should have. I’m okay with that though because I have a super challenge created for December and I’m about to invite you to join me for it!
The holidays are a hard time for our health. They are full of temptations and bad choices. They’re also full of busy schedules and multiple commitments. I don’t know about you but I find it hard to stay on track with my goals in the month of December.
This year is going to be different though. This year, I’ve created a fun challenge in the form of a calendar. Each day has a simple task that you can do for the day to improve your health. I’ve kept them simple and short. I know how busy and stressful the holidays can be and this calendar is designed to be fun and simple.
Want a sneak peek?
Here’s how it works:
I’ve already released the entire calendar in my closed (and free) Facebook group, Healthy Moments. When you join, you’ll get access to the entire calendar – including a printable version that you can use as a checklist. In addition to this, I’ll be posting a graphic like the one above each day in December with tips and tricks to help you accomplish the task.
If you’d like more information about Healthy Moments, you can find some in this blog post. It is a year long group full of support, accountability, and challenges to keep you motivated and on track. We’re excited for the December challenge and looking forward to welcoming new members into the group!
Finding this post and it’s already December? Feel free to still join Healthy Moments! You can jump in at any time with the challenge. You can even join just for the accountability and not participate in the challenge. It’s a free, fun, and motivating group full of awesome members! (Seriously – they help me stay on track!)