There’s a few things you should know about me. (Or maybe you already know them.)

1. I’m an overachiever. I like to pile things high on my plate and accomplish as many as I can.

2. I love Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year and I enjoy (most) all things Christmas and holiday related.

3. I love collaborating and working with other bloggers on fun and exciting projects.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, I can share a piece of news with you.

If you stopped by the blog yesterday, then you’ll remember that I put a few series and features on hiatus until 2016 for a few different reasons. If you didn’t stop by, then I suggest hopping over there after this post. There’s some great collaboration opportunities that could really help your blog grow!

These series and features are taking a break because December is going to be a very special and busy month for the blog. I’m going to be hosting a fun holiday series full of activities to keep the holiday magic alive all month. I recommend checking out all of the details for Holiday Moments and signing up for the email list so that you get all of the goodies I’ll be offering!

Holiday Moments alone promises to keep me very busy in the month of December but I couldn’t stop there. I’m also hosting a month long health challenge in my free group, Healthy Moments, and a 12 Days of Blogmas series on The Coastie Couple. Today I want to talk about the Blogmas series. I’ll be posting about the Healthy Moments challenge on Friday (after you’ve enjoyed your Thanksgiving meal!).

The 12 Days of Blogmas is going to be a link up hosted by The Coastie Couple and The Petite Mrs. I’m excited to be working with my blogging buddy Nora on this project. If you’ve been a long time reader, then you may remember that I hosted the 12 Days of Blogging Christmas last year. You may have even linked up with me in the month of December. We had a lot of fun and quite a few participants.

The 12 Days of Blogmas is the same sort of link up. There are 12 different prompts that go along with the 12 Days of Christmas. Each day, we’ll have a link up available on our blogs to help you share your great posts. In addition, we have a closed group on Facebook where you’ll have access to all of the graphics, goodies and prompts. I’ll be posting more details on November 30th on The Coastie Couple, but I wanted to give you a quick preview here first because I’m so excited about this additional project! Go ahead and join the group so that you’re ready to enjoy the holiday season with us!