I love my blog. I also love my life and the people who are in it. Sometimes, it’s difficult to balance the two and in those moments, I tend to choose real life and the option of making memories instead of blogging. That’s what has happened here lately. It affects my stats and means there’s gaps in my blogging, but I never regret the breaks. I thought I’d talk a little bit about that in today’s post – how to step away from the cyber world and enjoy the real world.
I’ve known for a while that I was going home to Charleston to visit my family and friends. I even had big plans to get ahead on my blogging before the trip in order to step away from the computer even more. I think I forgot that I enjoy spending time with friends in California as well. Best laid plans and all…
The past two weeks, I’ve checked in on Facebook and Instagram a little, but that’s been the extent of my connection with the blogging world. You may have seen a couple of posts during that time but they were the ones that I actually managed to get ahead on. I may have missed out on the blogging world and some page views, but I’ve gained so much more lately.
These are the memories I’ll walk away with and in the end, they’ll be worth more than any page views to me:
Countless moments of tapping into my inner 2 year old with my nephew.
Several races around my sister’s house between a singing train and a lawnmower.
A birthday party with my favorite people from Charleston.
Dinner at my favorite pizza place. The only person missing from the family was my husband.
A few phone calls from my husband which are a rare surprise during deployments.
Playing tug of war with Kandy.
Snuggles and wet kisses from Ella.
Shopping and lunch at Olive Garden with my parents.
Chatting with my sister.
Netflix marathons (One Tree Hill) with my mom.
A trip to the children’s museum where I think everyone played and had fun.
The list could go on and on. And these are just the memories that I’ve made in about a week and a half. I still have a couple more weeks of enjoyment left!
I’m not going to say I’m sorry or offer excuses for my absence from the blog. I’m simply going to encourage you to get out and make a few memories of your own! (Yes, I love that you read my blog and enjoy my posts, but I also think we sometimes need a gentle push to put our screens down.)
Life and memories are happening all around you right now. Don’t let them pass you by because of a screen. Take a moment today to put the screen down and simply notice the memories in the making.
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