There’s probably only one thing I love more than throwing a party and that’s throwing a theme party. I find that parties are more fun and easier to plan when there’s a theme to center it around. That’s why I’m bringing you 15 themes for your holiday party. I’m hoping one of them will inspire you – even if you’re not definitely throwing a party this year! These topic also happens to fit perfectly with your task for day 11 of Holiday Moments which is to attend a holiday party or to host one of your own! (Remember – parties don’t have to be a giant affair. Having a few friends over for dinner can count as a party!)

This list is just a few ideas to get you started. Pinterest and google are also great places to research additional ideas! You could also take a couple of the themes below and combine them to create a new one!

1. Ugly Sweater Party – This theme is super popular right now. I’ve been invited to at least one ugly sweater party for the past few years. The title pretty much says it all – guests are supposed to wear an ugly holiday sweater to the party. You can even jazz it up by awarding prizes for the best sweater or costume (because some people take it a step beyond the sweater…)!

2. Wrapping Party – I love wrapping presents. I don’t always enjoy wrapping them by myself though. There’s a solution for that though! Invite a few friends over and wrap your presents together. Just make sure you’re not wrapping presents to each other during the party!

3. White Elephant Party – This party is centered around a gift exchange of silly or unwanted items. There are a variety of rules out there for this type of party so I would highly suggest searching “white elephant gift exchange” if silly, fun parties are your thing!

4. Crazy Socks Party – I love patterned socks! In fact, until recently, I had a huge collection of holiday socks. I eventually downsized them when I realized there was no way I could wear them all. This party would be a lot like the ugly sweater party, except everyone would spot holiday socks. You could even do a sock gift exchange at the start of the party and everyone could wear their new socks for the party!

5. Cookie Exchange – Cookies! Who doesn’t love cookies? For this theme, everyone bakes cookies to share. Then, they bring the recipe and the cookies to the party. There’s a lot of taste testing, cookie swapping, and recipe sharing before everyone goes home with a hodge podge of cookies to enjoy!

6. Holiday PJ Party – Remember that ugly sweater theme? This is a new take on it! Host a holiday PJ party instead. Everyone wears their favorite festive pajamas. You could even sip on hot cocoa while watching a holiday movie together.

7. Gift Exchange – You could have a good old fashioned gift exchange. Everyone brings a gift and draws a number for a new gift.

8. Dinner Party – Invite your friends to dinner and call it a party. Bonus points if you make it a nice affair that they’ll remember. Alternatively, you could invite everyone to bring a little something to share with each other. Then, gather around the dinner table for some old fashioned conversation and fun!

9. Game Night – Games are a great ice breaker. If you’re going to have a group that doesn’t know each other well, you can use games to bring everyone together. For holiday game night, you could enjoy classic games or you could create your own holiday games for everyone to play!

10. Ornament Exchange – Gifts are popular this time of year and so are exchanges when it comes to parties. Invite your guests to each bring an ornament to exchange with another guest. Then, everyone will have something hanging on their tree to remember the night!

11. Wine Wonderland – If you’re a wine lover, then you could take your love of wine and combine it with the holidays. Why not host a wine tasting night with a wonderland theme?

12. Decorating Party – Invite your guests to bring plain sugar cookies, cupcakes, or gingerbread houses. Then, gather up some icing and candy for everyone to use. Go to town on the decorating. Even kids will love this theme!

13. Movie Night – Want to keep things low key? Then, a movie night might be perfect for you. You could even invite your guests to bring their favorite holiday movies and vote on the ones you’re going to watch together. Don’t forget to provide popcorn for everyone to enjoy!

14. Craft Party – The holidays are the perfect time for DIY projects. Invite your guests to bring something they’re working on and you can laugh together while you work on your projects. You could also provide plain ornaments and create ornaments together in a craft night.

15. Holiday Icon Party – Looking for another simple party? Theme everything around an iconic figure, such as reindeer, snowflakes, or even Santa. Use this as your inspiration for games, food, and decorations!

I would love to hear your party ideas and favorite party memories!