Your task for Holiday Moments today is to work on any DIY gifts that you’re planning. I shared a few ideas earlier this week that you can use. I’m also sharing a few extra ideas in today’s newsletter. (If you’re not signed up for the newsletter, do so here! That link will also show you all of the issues you missed this month!) 
In the spirit of DIY and gifting, I’m going to be sharing my gift to you for 2016. It’s a new series I’m starting in January that I came up with all by myself. I’m super excited about this series and the friends that I have talked to about it are looking forward to it as well! I do hope you’ll take advantage of this gift and sign up for the goodies at the end of this post!
I’m constantly doing things to help my blog grow and to make it better. (You may have noticed the recent facelift taking place…) I’ve found that this is much more manageable when you break it up into smaller tasks at a time. It may take longer but it’s much less stressful and in the long run, I feel like it produces better results.

I’m all about making the most of your time and using your moment wisely. This includes blogging and promoting your blog. I’ve found that it’s so easy to get caught up in blogging and forget about the real world around you. While I love the blogging world, I need the real world to help keep me inspired.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has dealt with the problem of how much time to spend on the blog and how to detach from the blogging world in order to enjoy the real world. That’s why I’m bringing you Blog Intentions in January 2016!

Blog Intentions is a weekly newsletter series that will be delivered right to your email inbox. (That’s right – I’ll send you the reminder instead of you having to remember to check the blog for your next task!) The newsletter will contain one task for you to work on during your free time in the week. The tasks are designed to take a minimum amount of time but when put together over time, they’ll pack quite a change for you and your blog. In addition to your weekly task, the newsletter will also include tips, resources, and even printables to help you with the task. We’re talking lots of goodies in 2016 – all for free!

Blog Intentions will lead you in setting a monthly goal for your blog that will help you stay focused. I’ll be showing you how to use a word each month to create focus and purpose in your goals. I’ve decided to call this process Monthly Intention and I will be featuring a link up each month on the blog for accountability purposes!

Monthly intentions is just one small component of Blog Intentions and I’ll be talking more about it during this upcoming week. I actually put the concept of setting a monthly intention into play this month and it has made a world of difference for my blog and for myself! I can’t wait to share the process with you!

If you’re a blogger looking to improve your blog, I highly recommend signing up for my Blog Intentions series. All of the activities will be easy to complete with lots of resources provided in the newsletter for you. I do hope you’ll sign up and share the opportunity with your friends!


Blog Intentions

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