What do you want for Christmas? This is a question we’ve been asked a lot lately. It’s a question that has made me realize the importance of having a Christmas list – even as an adult. That’s part of the reason I put it as Day 3 of Holiday Moments.

Writing down a list of things I want sounds a bit boring to me. I’m not sure why – it’s just not “festive” enough for the holiday season. This thought led to the creation of Christmas List Family Night (or in our case, date night). I’m about to share a few simple ideas to turn Christmas list time into a fun night for all involved!

I’m going to share a few easy steps to get everyone into the Christmas list mood. You can take these steps and make them as simple or as elaborate as you would like depending on time and money. You can also mix and match the steps to create your perfect family night!

1. Plan a family dinner. Make it something special and invite everyone to attend. (I recommend actual invitations handed out to family members.) Use the family dinner time as a time to get a discussion going about Christmas lists and what to expect this year.

2. Pick out a favorite holiday movie to enjoy as a family. You could make popcorn and wear festive pajamas to make the movie even more fun.

3. Enjoy a special treat (maybe a cup of hot cocoa) during the movie.

4. After the movie, hand out blank lists, pens, and clipboards (highly recommended) to each family member. It’s now time to write your lists! (I have included a three versions of a printable Christmas list in today’s newsletter. Make sure you’re getting the newsletters by clicking here!) You might even want to make a joint list if there are items you are wanting as a family or couple. (For example, we really want a new knife set for the kitchen. That is definitely an “us” gift since we both spend time cooking in the kitchen.)

5. Share the lists as needed with each other and with friends. I recommend displaying them in a prominent location in the home. I’m picturing a piece of twine with lists attached by clothespins. This will make them easy to find for everyone in the family. Plus, it doubles as cute décor!

There you have it! With just a few simple steps, you can turn an ordinary activity into a fun family night. You could even make it a tradition every year!

Have you made your list yet? What’s something that you’re needing or wanting this year?