It’s Day 7 of Holiday Moments which means it’s time to enjoy a holiday drink! Everybody has their own favorite drink of the season – hot cocoa, eggnog, etc. I want to share one with you that is a crowd pleaser at get-togethers. In fact, it was a huge hit at Friendsgiving this year!
This recipe doesn’t require many ingredients and can be thrown together at the last minute when entertaining guests.
White wine – 1 bottle
Vanilla Vodka – 2 cups
Apple Cider – One large jug
Apples – 2
1. Cut the apples into squares and set aside.
2. Pour the apple cider into a pitcher.
3. Add the bottle of wine. (I chose a cheap Pinot Grigio when I made this recipe.)
4. Add 2 cups of vanilla vodka.
5. Add the apples on top for appearance and taste.
6. Serve chilled. This recipe likes to separate so it’s a good idea to stir it right before serving. Ingredients can easily be adjusted for taste.
What’s your favorite holiday drink?  Don’t forget to check your Holiday Moments newsletter for more ideas on how to enjoy a favorite holiday drink!