Growing up, we used to drive around the neighborhood and take in all of the pretty houses at Christmas time. Unfortunately, not every neighborhood lights up at night and it’s sometimes hard to know where to go to enjoy the holiday lights. Today’s activity for Holiday Moments is to enjoy the holiday lights. I’m bringing you a few unique ideas to make this activity possible for you today!
1. Drive around your neighborhood or town.
This one may seem obvious but it’s also the easiest starting point. You could simply get in your car and drive around your neighborhood or another neighborhood to enjoy the lights. There is no predicting what kind of cool houses and displays you might find along the way!
2. Find a local light display.
Many places have local parks or attractions that offer light shows. When I was living in Charleston, we often went to the Festival of Lights. They always had lots of neat light displays set up. We’re planning on going to the Oakland Zoo next week for their Light Up the Zoo event. I’m hoping it’s as good as the Festival of Lights.
3. Seek out a holiday night parade.
Many towns and cities put on holiday parades. Some even put on the parades at night with lights for more enjoyment. The parades are not always traditional – sometimes they feature boats or even tractors.
4. Go to a tree lighting ceremony.
It may be getting a bit late in the season for these this year but this is an event that you can look out for next year. Tree lighting ceremonies are a great way to kick off the season and enjoy the twinkling lights!
5. Check out the nearest downtown area.
Downtown areas often are filled with twinkling lights and holiday store displays. Grab a hot chocolate, take a nighttime walk, and enjoy the lights around you.
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