I love to shop. I also love to give gifts. Therefore, it should be no surprise that I love to shop for holiday gifts. I think I get more joy out of finding the perfect gift for someone than I do from opening my own gift. I’m also great at saving money while I shop which is why I’m bringing you a few of my shopping tips today for Day 12 of Holiday Moments which is dedicated to shopping for your gifts.
I’m going to keep today’s post quite simple and concise since it’s Saturday and I typically prefer to spend Saturday unplugged. I set a goal to bring you a post for everyday in December though and I’m not backing down from that goal. So – short and simple here we go!
1. Make a plan before you go. This includes knowing who you’re shopping for and what they want this year.
2. Set a budget. You can set an overall budget for your shopping or you can set a budget per person. I prefer to think in terms of per person to insure that everyone gets a good gift and no one is left at the end of your budget.
3. Stick to stores that are within your budget. Don’t feel compelled to go into high-end stores simply because the person you’re shopping for likes those types of stores. Often times, the thought that goes into a gift matters more than how much that gift cost.
4. Take care in picking out your gifts. Remember that comment about the thought you put into a gift? I highly recommend thinking through your purchases. Will this person enjoy this? Will they actually have a use for it?
5. Have fun. I think the most important thing when it comes to anything holiday related is to have fun! Enjoy the process and look for the gift that another will love. Focus more on the thought and less on the cost. I’ve given some awesome gifts without breaking the bank!
What are you tips for holiday shopping? Do you shop way in advance or do you wait until the holiday hustle and bustle like me?