Snail mail is slowly becoming a thing of the past. We receive our bills by email, our party invites by Facebook, and our real mailboxes get stuck with the advertising leftovers. Wouldn’t it be great to get something better in the mail? Like maybe a card?
December is a popular time for the post office. You have people scurrying around shipping presents and cards. I’m no expert but if I had to guess, this is probably the most popular month for the post office. This adds just another reason why you might veto the idea of sending cards to friends and family. I’d love to take a few moments of your time to talk about why you should still send cards this year.
Picture yourself going to your mailbox. What do you find there? A stray bill. Maybe a circular from your favorite store. It’s unlikely that you find a letter or a card from friends or family. (If you do find those on a regular basis, then go you!)
Now picture going to your mailbox in December. There’s a good chance that you might find a card from a friend or relative. Maybe it’s a cute photo card or a handmade treasure. Either way, I’m guessing it brightened your day just a little bit.
If the smile on your face after opening a card doesn’t convince you that they are a great thing, then this small list might help.
1. Cards can showcase your personality.
2. They are a great option to show others you cherish them even when you can’t afford to buy them a gift.
3. Personal snail mail brings a smile to a face.
4. At 49 cents, a card is one of the cheapest presents you can send.
Now that you’ve decided to send cards, it’s time to get busy using the simple process below. (If you’re following the Holiday Moments calendar, then you’ll be sending cards this year.)
1. Collect addresses from your friends and family. You can choose to do this by phone, text, or even via Facebook. If you’re receiving the Holiday Moments newsletter, then you have a printable address sheet waiting in your inbox today! (If not, subscribe so that you can get all of the extra goodies in your mailbox all month long!)
2. Pick out your cards. Will you handmake them? Are you going to print them from the computer? Will you order them from somewhere? There are so many options for cards. Just remember that your budget and preference should be the most important part of your choice.
3. Write out your cards. Include a small personal note to make them even more meaningful. (Bonus tip: put the year next to your name in the card so that people can easily identify the card in future years.)
4. Address the envelopes. (You could even decorate them to make them more festive. That’s a post for another day though.)
5. Head down to the post office, buy some stamps, and get your cards into the mail! Then, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.
(If you’re following the Holiday Moments calendar, you’ll be completing step 1 today.)