I’m feeling the need for retail therapy but I’m not in the mood to go anywhere or to spend any money. So, instead, I’m going to do a little online window shopping and share my finds with you. Consider it some “girl time” spent together!
*Affiliate links are included in this post. I did my online window shopping on Amazon and since I’m an affiliate, it seemed fitting to include them in this post. They don’t hurt you in any way. They help you find the items I mention and they help me keep the blog up and running for your enjoyment!*
I’m in need of new workout shorts since I just started a pole fitness bootcamp. All of my workout outfits are leggings for barre and yoga. Here’s a few that I found and will be checking into more.

I’m wanting an individual tea infuser to help me drink more tea. I’ve decided to quit soda altogether and I’m finding that tea is helping me with this a lot!

I’ve been looking into glass water bottles. Here’s a few that I’m considering.

This is my current wishlist when it comes to health related items. I need to go through my workout clothes and determine if I need anymore (beyond the shorts). I would really like a few more motivational tanks but I’m going to wait and see what I already have first.
What would be on your healthy wishlist? Do you have any recommendations for the items that I’m currently shopping for?