Remember in last week’s Plate for One post when I said I had a special announcement coming up? Well, today is the day for that announcement! It means no recipe for the week, but that’s okay because the announcement is bigger than a recipe.
I have created a special community on Facebook for girls who are making a home for one. Not living alone? Don’t run away yet! This community is about more than simply living alone. It’s for girls who care for just themselves in any way possible. Maybe you cook dinner for yourself because schedules don’t match up. Or maybe you spend periods of time alone because of your spouses’ travel schedule. You define whether or not you’re a fit for the community – not me.
I’m going to take this post to answer a few questions that you may have about the community and it’s purpose.
Why did I create a community?
Originally, I was thinking of forming a small focus group for my upcoming ebook, Home for One. The ebook is in the very early stages of development but I want as much feedback as possible along the way. I also want to know what topics will help others. As I thought about the possibility of a focus group, I came up with an idea – why not grow it into a community where girls can share recipes, ideas, and stories? Once the idea was born, I couldn’t let it go.
What experience do I have?
I lived alone (just my dog and me) for three years before moving to California. I had to look to take care of the home alone, cook for one, socialize, and so much more. In short, I learned about all of the obstacles that come with living by yourself. After those three years, I moved to California and got married. You would think this would solve my “living alone” problems but it didn’t. My husband is currently stationed on a boat that is gone for 3-6 months at a time and only in for 2-3 months between. So, I’m still living a large part of the year alone.
Who should join?
I’ll give you some examples of women that might enjoy the community but keep in mind that this list does not cover everyone. In fact, when I asked about women fending for themselves on Facebook, a lot of unique situations came up that I hadn’t even considered!
     – solo women
     – military girlfriends/wives
     – women in a long distance relationship
     – women who cook for themselves despite roommates
     – women who cook meals for one due to schedules
     – women who spend time alone in any capacity
     – any other situation where you might find yourself caring for yourself exclusively
How do I join?
Joining is simple! Simply click on the image below. This will take you to the mailing list for the group. I won’t be sending out a regular newsletter but I would like your email in order to send out important updates and sneak peeks. After joining the mailing list, you’ll be given directions to join the exclusive community on Facebook.
Can I invite my friends to join?
Of course! The more, the merrier. Feel free to send them the link to the sign up form or simply direct them to this blog post!
What will I find in the community?
I want this community to be safe and supportive. I want it to be a place where people can share recipes, tips, and so much more. I want it to feel like a giant sleepover that you can participate in anytime you’re feeling lonely, lost, or simply want someone to talk to. I don’t want it to be a place with a lot of structure and rules. Life is messy and I want the group to reflect that.
I do hope you’ll take a moment to join the list and get access to the exclusive group! I’m ready to get this party started with great girls making it on their own like yourself!