It’s February 1st which means it’s time to check in on goals from last month and to set new ones for this month! Don’t forget to link up your goals at the end of this post. I’d love to check them out!

Let’s look at the goals I set last month and how I did with them!

Define It:
1. Post 5 times a day on Facebook. (Not quite consistently.)
2. Post 7 times a day on Twitter. (Almost everyday.)
3. Use coschedule for every post. (I was doing great with this at the beginning of the month and fell off the routine towards the end. I need to get back to this one.)
4. Research and invest in a Pinterest scheduler. (I decided to give Board Booster a try and I’m really liking it.)
1. Follow the editorial calendar. This means posting everyday but Saturday (when I unplug) on Hodge Podge Moments and every weekday on The Coastie Couple. (I managed to do this almost all of the way. I had a few misses last week but overall I did well with this!)
2. Send out weekly newsletter for Blog Intentions. (Perfectly on track with this! Make sure you’re signed up to receive the emails!)
This was my true measurement for last month though:
Facebook: 589 increased to 612
Twitter: 606 increased to 668
Pinterest: 547 increased to 556
Instagram: 683 increased to 740
All of my social media networks grew which was a major part of the intention I set. (Page views also went up!)
So, what is my intention for this month?
Define It:
1. Create a plan at the start of every week. Write it down in my planner.
2. Outline my ebook. (Lots of details coming Friday!)
3. Blog consistently all month.
4. Make a business plan.
1. Start lining up guest posts for my trip to Charleston and our big move. (If you’re interested, please get in touch soon!)
2. Create a great sponsorship program for the blog. (I have two more (free) trial spots open! Get in touch for more details. We’ll see who actually reads the post.)
What about you? What are your goals for the month?
Link them up below or share them in the comments!