Happy Leap Year! Today, I’m excited to be bringing you a leap year inspired post from Jasmine at Color U Bold. I recently met Jasmine through twitter and fell in love with her blog pretty quickly. I was excited when she agreed to be a guest on the blog during my visit home. I was even more excited when I saw what she came up with because I know that you’re going to love it!

Did you know that this is a LEAP YEAR!!! It come every 4 years and this is the year to leap for joy…pun intended! So in honor of an extra day! I compiled a couple of ideas to do during this special day!

Write 4 Things you would like to do by next Leap Year
It’s just like a bucket list, mark some things off your list, hey, you have 4 years to do this, so think big, think outside the box…heck travel to another country!

Have a Leap Day Party
How fun would it be to have a party just because it’s an extra day in the year! Make it green themed party with, you guessed it, frogs as the centerpiece(the only time this should be acceptable)! Find cool pinterest recipes with green drinks or desserts to add to the festivities. You can make it kid friendly or amp it up for an Adult only party…cheers!

Do a Leap Day Time Capsule!
I’ve always been fond of doing time capsule so why not try out this for leap year. You can write a list of things about you, your family, even who your friends are. You can write a letter to yourself that only you can read come the next leap year. You will be able to see what has changed in over 4 years. By the way, think back to 2012 what has changed with you…the good the bad, and the beautiful moments. How do you want things to change next time.

Leap for Desserts!
Get creative and make yummy frog-inspired leap treats! Cupcakes, cakepops, cookies galore! That’s the only frogs I want to touch!

Dare to Leap!
Do something so outside of your comfort zone that day! Color your hair, switch off your phone and see the world through your own eyes! Be like a child for a day. Go on a day road trip alone or with others, Make a video and post it to youtube. Make an idea happen just for one day. You never know how that one extra day can change your entire life.

What would you do with an extra day? (Psst..don’t forget to go visit Color U Bold for some awesome content!)