I’ve been alive for 29 years. That means February 14th will be my 29th Valentine’s Day. Of those 29 years, I’ve only had a valentine for two of them. And one of those was in high school so I barely even count it.

“But you’ve been with your husband for a total of four years…” Good point. We’ve only been together for one of those.

This post isn’t about throwing a pity party though. I’m giving you this information to show you where this post comes from. I’m not looking for sympathy. In fact, I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year just like I have the past few years that I’ve been alone. I’m about to share my secret with you for enjoying Valentine’s Day alone.

I want to start by pointing out that love is at the core of Valentine’s Day. Not hate, anger, sadness, or any other emotion with a negative connotation. No, the entire holiday is all about celebrating LOVE.

Love is an emotion that can be applied to more than a romantic relationship with a significant other. I personally love my family, friends, and pets that support me and bring me joy on a day to day basis. In addition to this, I love myself. I don’t mean in a conceited way. I simply mean that I value myself and my life. I feel it’s important to love yourself before you can fully love others.

So, if love has so many different forms, why do we relegate a holiday all about love to just romantic love? I say we open it up to other kinds of love and make it about more than candy and flowers.

I want to challenge you to spend the holiday with someone you love – family, friends, or even just yourself. Plan a “date” that will make you happy in honor of this holiday dedicated to love. Fill the day with things you love and make it a Valentine’s Day you won’t forget!

Curious about how I’ll be spending the holiday? (Yes, the husband is deployed yet again so it’s just me this year.)

As of right now, this is my plan for Valentine’s Day. It may change a little since I believe in flexibility, but this will still give you an idea of how I plan to spend the day.

Morning – Take a walk somewhere with a view (I have a few places in mind but I haven’t settled on a location just yet). Take some time to practice my photography skills.

Afternoon – Go shopping for the perfect date night outfit. Come home and get ready for my date.

Evening – Candlelit dinner with a favorite chick flick. I’m thinking baked chicken, asparagus, and brown rice with a glass of red wine.

Night – Weekly detox bath with relaxing music.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram. I guarantee that I’ll be posting pictures throughout the day.

How will you be spending Valentine’s Day? What does the holiday mean to you?